Prayer Concerns

Prayers Concerns – June 13, 2021

Jean Rorrer – Praise!

Bea Akers

Deneise Altizer

Randy and Maggie Hutchinson

Daryl Hutchinson

Nancy and Garland Linkous

Pastor Layne Board

Jean Curtis

Jean Gauding

Martha Herley

Jessica Hicks – Praise!

Betty Johnson

Dorothy Lamb

Donny Maddux

Jeremy Maddux

Sandy Maxey

Celeste Parker

Nancy Rodriguez

Don Strong

Doris Sutphin

Marge Teates

Fritz family

Corday family

Ryan family

Family of Phillip Sowers

Unspoken prayer requests

Travel mercies – safety for family and friends who are traveling. Covid Patients, Nursing Facilities, Healthcare Providers and Caregivers.